Boots to business: Company helping vets transition to entry-level management positions

LAS VEGAS – In a partnership with the American Red Cross, the Company has developed a program that takes veterans and their leadership skills and accelerates their careers.

Through the Boots to Business program, about 20-25 recent United States Military veterans will be identified, recruited and hired into assistant manager and/ or manager positions within MGM Resorts. The program consists of a 10-12 week Management Training and support program to help the veterans recruited with integration and assimilation into the business environment.

“The Boots to Business program meets an important societal need, as well as a crucial business imperative to recruit highly-motivated leaders into our Company,” said Michelle DiTondo, Senior Vice President of Human Resources.

The American Red Cross is identifying candidates who will be interviewed by hiring managers for selections. The organization will also provide a series of Transition Support programs to assist veterans into the work force.

Company employees who are veterans and are interested in serving as mentors for fellow veterans in the program should contact Cassie Anderson at

The training program will launch in July.

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