See the light: Crystals aglow with CityCenter’s newest artwork

CRYSTALS – The newest addition to CityCenter’s public fine art collection is also among the most immersive, most visible and largest.

Artist James Turrell, renowned for installations that feature different uses of light and space, was given an opportunity to transform one of the Crystals tram stations. The result, several works that bath the space in ever-shifting colors as tram cars and passengers move in and out of the station. It can be viewed from within or from afar, as the third-floor station is open to below through a series of window panes.

“This is a challenge for me because I normally don’t work in a space that’s so public with all kinds of other distractions,” the 70-year-old artist told M life magazine for a piece in the current issue. “Las Vegas is about distraction. The ‘drive by’ art is something that interests me. It’s completely wide open.”

Seen from within the tram station, the work washes the space and viewer in color, like being inside of a soft, neon tube. The color gradually shifts across the spectrum from red to purple to blue. Seen from below, Mr. Turrell’s piece looks like giant, if somewhat abstract, four-pane window. There is no right or wrong way to view it: “My art is about your seeing,” Mr. Turrell says.

The artist is behind a second, private work in Crystals as well inside Louis Vuitton, an immersive installation that is available for viewing by appointment only.

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