Crazy train: El Loco set to make debut next month

CIRCUS CIRCUS – The word “crazy” is right in the name, but that doesn’t mean it’s got a screw loose!

Construction on Adventuredome’s El Loco, The Strip’s newest premier ride, is nearly complete. The electric yellow roller coaster – only the second of its breed in the U.S. – will offer screams and thrills starting in late January 2014. The new ride was six long years in the making but resort leaders believe it will be well worth the wait, said Project Manager Jack Morris.

“The purchase contract for El Loco was signed in October of 2012, but we’ve had interest in this ride since 2008. The recession came and we had to table it for awhile, but when things turned around we knew we wanted to do this,” he said.

An El Loco vehicle, along with a video highlighting similar coasters around the world, is now on display at the indoor theme park, providing a sneak peek to those anxiously awaiting their turn to experience El Loco’s negative G-force drops, gravity-defying turns and over-the-edge twists. The opencarriage cars, each accommodating just four passengers, are smaller than average, allowing the vehicle to make tighter, faster turns. The cars, combined with El Loco’s unique, outwardly tilting turns, will create an exhilarating sensation, said Mr. Morris.

“I believe this coaster is well designed, both structurally as well as the anticipated thrill quality,” he said. “This ride will offer exactly what those adrenaline-seeking guests coming to The Adventuredome are looking for.”

During the 75-second ride, guests will be sent on a 45-degree outwardly banked turn, a greater-than-straight-down diving drop, and a 180-degree turn that races over the edge into a barrel roll. All of that occurs along 1,300 feet of track that winds, dips and swoops in the area formerly occupied by the log flume ride. Engineers and construction teams worked hard to fit all of that excitement into such a confined space, said Mr. Morris.

“It took a great deal of logistical planning to move in the equipment and materials. The typical assembly procedure for this coaster calls for two cranes and 360-degree access. We completed the installation with one crane and had access from only one side. I commend the steel erection company that was able to make all of this happen.”

To ensure safety, the team will put their newest ride through the paces; El Loco will undergo more than 2,000 safety test runs before any rider can board.

“As with all our rides, safety is our number one concern,” said Tom Nolan, Vice President of Operations for The Adventuredome. “El Loco has a number of unique elements that make it a thrill-a-second ride, and this extensive testing process will ensure that every rider has a safe and fun experience.”

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  1. OMG!!! I can’t wait to go on this ride! I am so excited!!!